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Protecting front line workers.

Med PPE Global is dedicated to enhancing the safety and health of the international community. We offer many organizations access to quality sourced personal protective equipment (PPE) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) consultation services to help modernize your health and safety policies.

Businesses that have been impacted by thepandemic now have a guide to help them improve their business systems and get adjusted to the new normal. Med PPE Global is ready to share our manufacturing skills and ship you all the essential PPE supplies to keep your employees safe.

Med PPE Global is committed to working side by side with healthcare professionals and providing them the critical support they need. By providing institutions around the globe with access to the tools and equipment, the world will be able to recover and be better prepared for future pandemics. Our value goes beyond just supplying facemasks and nitrile gloves. Med PPE Global is committed to working side by side with your organization to optimize results and ensure proper compliance in the workplace.

Our equipment is designed to keep professionals safe, healthy, and lower the transmission rate of pathogens in your environment. Regardless what industry or market your business penetrates, there will always be a need for PPE. Especially in the future. There’s simply no way around it. When we work and support each other, we can do amazing things. Contact a sales representative today to learn more about Med PPE Global.

Keeping Our Healthcare Workers Healthy!

Our personal protective equipment is designed specifically to help professionals while they’re on duty. From isolation gowns, nitrile gloves and respirator masks, Med PPE offers professional industry workers protection from harmful components. Using PPE helps lessen the spread of harmful contaminants and are critical when fighting outbreaks and pandemics. Supplies are more crucial than ever in today’s pandemic landscape. Order yours today and keep your staff safe!

There is no compromise on the quality of our PPE. Our products have been approved by both the FDA and CDC and are ready to provide immediate relief to medical supply chains. Our gowns, gloves and respirator masks and sanitizer products have been qualified as suitable alternatives to current items in the market.

No matter what the time or reason, you can count on Med PPE to answer your calls. Whether you need a specific quantity or must speak with us in person, we’re here to help you. Call us or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP. Together we can help healthcare workers save lives.

Mission Statement

Med PPE Global’s mission is to ensure the safety and protection of all Canadian citizens during the ongoing global health crisis and future potential emergencies. We provide known quality sourced personal protective equipment (PPE) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) creation consultation services to communities and business owners impacted by the pandemic. It is our goal to establish a permanent manufacturing base of these vital supplies domestically to ensure that future supply issues are not present in Canada.

Corporate Information

Med PPE is a private Edmonton based corporation formed in March 2020 in response to ongoing supply shortages and confusion in sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) to deal with the pandemic. Our company currently sources all forms of required PPE from multiple international sources, but we anticipate beginning production of Canadian manufactured PPE in Nisku, Alberta by the end of 2020. We also operate a consumer facing store in North Edmonton (13135 St. Albert Trail) that allows for direct purchase of PPE supplies by small business owners or regular citizens.

The company has been in operation for several months and has significant experience in related sectors. We have serviced many orders in the Edmonton region, and several large-scale orders internationally (e.g. The San Diego School Board, 7-Eleven.) Our strategy is to use our well-established international supply lines to secure large orders of product compliant with health regulations from a variety of sources and offer a single sourcing solution to global and local businesses. While we use this international sourced product to establish healthy sales channels, the company is investing heavily in domestic manufacturing capacity that will eventually take the place of the international sourced product in our sales channels, pivoting our customers to Canadian manufactured products and supporting domestic economic development.

Our relationships with international suppliers span over a decade, with members of our company formerly working with some of these suppliers to provide medical equipment in comparable verticals: primarily the massage and wellness industry, the Cannabis industry, and the construction safety industry. We combine these long-standing sourcing contacts with a nimble sales force with extensive international connections, allowing us to execute on opportunities globally. Finally, we have incorporated significant expertise in designing and building novel manufacturing processes and lines for other controlled product sectors. We believe that this combination of experience positions Med PPE Global perfectly to create this domestic supply base that Global can rely on.

Compliance and regulations are of utmost importance to this industry, and Med PPE Global’s leadership has a well-documented history of working with strict compliance protocols and other Health Global regulations to ensure creation of a safe, regulated product. As founder of Aurora Cannabis, CEO of Med PPE Global Terry Booth led the creation of the world’s largest Cannabis producer, operating in a strictly regulated manufacturing environment, and meeting production standards that allowed that business to export a controlled substance globally. Additionally, our leadership has been involved in the Alberta Safety Codes industry since its inception, helping to define and form safety code standards across the province. It is this focus, passion, and rigor for safety standards and regulatory compliance that will guide Med PPE Global along the same path.

Our initial facility in Nisku, Alberta is a projected investment of over $10 Million dollars, will employ around 150 tradesmen and other construction workers during build out, and include approximately 100 full time employees once operational. We have planned for 3 respirator creating manufacturing lines, and two sanitizer mixing lines to be a part of the initial build at this facility. We are also pursuing secondary facility options to produce surgical masks and isolation gowns.

Our products are approved by

OUR Products

Med PPE is fighting back against the global shortage of protective masks, gowns, nitrile gloves and hand sanitizers facing frontline workers. We are offering certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across the planet to help reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens.


KN95 masks create a protective seal around the user’s mouth, blocking out unwanted and dangerous particles. They perform similarly to N95 Masks, with identical flow rates, < 8 % leakage, slightly higher inhalation resistance and are tested for filter performance. These masks have been recommended by the Center of Disease Control as an alternative respirator mask to the conventional N95 Masks. 


A medicinal necessity, protective gowns help protect health care practitioners from deadly contaminants in health care settings. They help reduce and prevent the spread of deadly infections or illnesses. These gowns are disposable and meant for single use only. 


These nitrile gloves have been approved for healthcare workers and are ideal for housekeeping purposes, general labour and act as a barrier of protection against dangerous and risky particles and substances. These gloves are designed to provide your hands great ventilation, are acid and alkali resistant and offer wearers anti-corrosion protection. These gloves conform to category 1 PPE standards. 


Hand sanitizers are effective in the fight against bacteria and viruses. They are made according to WHO production standards and are made with an ethanol alcohol base. This is the best way to prevent the transmission and spread of infections, especially during the pandemic outbreak.


Having effective and working hand sanitizer stations at regular intervals at your home or business is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. We carry several varieties of sanitizer dispensers that will fit the needs of every business.

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We have to work together more than ever before to help reduce and stop the spread of infectious diseases across the world. Let us help you keep us safe. Get in touch with us and we will do our best to help answer your questions and concerns. We’re stronger, together.

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