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It’s imperative that frontline workers like nurses, doctors and extended care workers are responsibly protected. During the pandemic it would be irresponsible to send your staff out without the proper certified equipment to do their jobs. Gowns help reduce the spread of viruses through bodily fluids and other means. Our gowns have been approved and certified for immediate use by the FDA and are a recommended piece of equipment by the CDC.

Wearing medical gowns has become essential to healthcare workers in this time and Med PPE Canada is set to provide your organization with the tools it needs to protect workers and customers alike.  Please contact us to inquire about our CE and FDA certified products.


Medical supply chains are strained more than ever before. A crucial item, these protective gowns can prevent penetration by blood or other varying fluids, an essential characteristic. Protective gowns are used by doctors, surgeons and nurses to help prevent the spread of illnesses.

Doctors, nurses and surgeons all must wear protective gowns when handling patients or performing surgery. These protective gowns are certified, single-use protective clothing, only for medical use.

Keep yourself safe and free from transmittable diseases with protective gowns.

With the threat of infectious pathogens increasing around the globe, having preventative equipment is part of essential everyday work life and safety. Best when used with surgical masks and nitrile gloves, our work gowns are designed to reduce your risk of contracting a sickness through various bodily fluids like blood and spit. Gowns are the second most commonly used medical protective device and are resistant to general wear and tear.