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Proving International Communities with the PPE to Succeed!

Did you know that Solomons Islands has reached a population of over 686,844 as of 2020? With the global population set to grow past 8 Billion by 2030, countries like the Solomons Islands will need secure access to personal protective equipment now more than ever. By partnering with Med PPE Global, you’re telling essential workers, the community and the world that you are ready to do what it takes to keep your workers safe.

About Med PPE Global

Med PPE Global is an international provider of personal protective equipment operating out of Alberta, Canada. Established in early 2020 to support Canadians during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Med PPE Global is now offering its products and solutions to the international community. With a shortage of PPE plaguing the world since March 2020, Med PPE Global is the solution to the problem.

Keep institutions Prepared

To ensure that countries are never caught unprepared by another pandemic, it is essential that organizations can offer their employees and essential workers unobstructed access to PPE. Med PPE Global has worked with education authorities, non-profit organizations, and businesses big and small to help keep their staff and loved ones safe.

Buy All the Essentials

Med PPE Global is ready to serve the different communities of the Solomon Islands. Partners with Med PPE Global will be able to access wholesale orders of critical personal protective equipment such as (but not limited to): nitrile/vinyl gloves, respirator masks, disposable masks, isolation gowns, hand sanitizer and face shields.

Contact one of our talented sales agents today to get a quote or learn more about Med PPE Global. We’re here to help keep communities safe and productive.