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While everyone is concerned with keeping retail spaces and essential worker station sanitized, it is especially important to remember keeping communal workspaces clean as well. While the amount of work done if office buildings has been reduced with work-from-home orders, it is not necessarily mean that no one is going into the office. Many managers and executives, as well as regular employees still must face risks because they must go into work. If this is the case, then ensuring that your office has the proper measures and resources in place is crucial.

Med PPE Canada is set to provide your organization with the tools it needs to protect workers and customers alike.  Please contact us to inquire about our CE and FDA certified products.


If it is the case that you must go into work during the pandemic, then your office should have health and safety best practices guidelines in place as well an appropriate amount of essential gear. Essential gear such as powerless nitrile gloves, face masks (KN95) and enough hand sanitizer so you do not run out and will be more important than ever. The products supplied by Med PPE have all been approved by the FDA and are recommended by the CDC and are meant to help lessen the strain on regular medical supply chains. With countries all over the globe in a medical equipment race, Med PPE is here to help arm Canadian with the tools that well help keep us safe and healthy.