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Retail workers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to health and safety. Retail workers will encounter large volumes of consumers, who have possibly interacted with a large amount of people, or maybe the wrong person. For this reason, it is vital to provide businesses with the tools they need to help keep their businesses running safely and keeping their staff healthy. Updating your health and safety best practices is the best way to start mitigating health risks. By washing hands, changing gloves properly and sanitizing workstations, companies can ensure that their workers are reducing the number of germs that are transmitted.

Med PPE Canada is set to provide your organization with the tools it needs to protect workers and customers alike.  Please contact us to inquire about our CE and FDA certified products.


Our personal protective gear has been approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC. They help reduce and prevent cross-contamination, especially when paired with modern sanitization practices. It is important to keep retail employees safe and current on information regarding germ safety and transmission potential.

If we are to return to a sense of normalcy, making sure that retail workers are using the best gear and practices available. That means access to updated protective measures and undisrupted access to medical grade masks, gowns, gloves, and hand sanitizers. It is essential that employees can do their work without feeling like their safety is at risk.